April 5, 2018


13:30  -  14:00

Deconstructing the “cultural binary”: Multidimensional models of selfhood and the importance of exploratory research Reflecting a human tendency to structure thought and language in terms of binary oppositions, much social psychological theorising rests on an assumed binary contrast between “personal” and “social”. For example, a binary opposition between Western individualism/independence and Eastern collectivism/interdependence underlies much …

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April 6, 2018


17:00  -  18:00

Persuasion in the era of high volume and high velocity information: A social psychological look at social media, fake news, and conspiracy theories In this talk, I will characterize the high velocity, high volume information era we are undergoing, particularly in the context of social media. I will describe selective exposure, selective dissemination, and selective validation …

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April 7, 2018

Presidential Address

10:30  -  11:30

The interface between social psychology, economics, and policy domains: Impact, challenges, and new frontiers Many of the issues humans face as a species (chronic disease, climate adaptation, social conflict and cohesion) are problems that require as part of their solution attitude and behaviour change. Consequently, understanding how to change people’s behaviour is a major concern …

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